What Is Pay Per Click Marketing?

Pay Per Click Marketing

PPC or Pay per Click marketing is one of business platforms for online advertising a product or service. If you shop regularly or if you use the internet a lot, you probably have seen and clicked on the ads yourself. Ads of these types can be seen almost anywhere online from social media sites to search engines. You are given the option to click or not. A lot of marketers are into PPC because it is a very lucrative business. Advertisers are paying only for each conversion made. Meanwhile, publishers are paid for a simple task of positioning strategically their PPC ads on the content or in the site.

PPC marketing is an advertising platform where advertisers are paying publishers or their ads for each clink on the ads on their site. Guests or users of the websites, social media sites and forum sites click on the ads and advertisers as well as publishers in order to get revenues. Unlike other advertising platforms, it requires a certain amount of investment though it is a cost effective way of advertising. But if not properly used, you can be spending more than your ROI.

In this form of advertising, advertisers will bid on keywords in Google or the search engine of their choice. The keywords will depend on the advertisers’ target audience. They select relevant keywords to their business and are likely to be entered into by the audiences when using the search engine for their queries.

Selecting the keywords is just a part of the entire process. They should be able to outbid other advertisers to have the right to use the keywords for their PPC marketing. Each time the internet user keys in the keyword in the search box, the PPC ad will appear at the side or on top of the search results which is a part of the sponsored results for easier and more convenient viewing.

The rate of the keywords will depend on its demand. If a keyword is popular, expect that there are many competitors who will bid for the same keyword. The keyword is likely to be high rated. If keywords are less likely to be used, you can bid on those at lower rate. The bid equivalent is returned to you for each click made on the ads.

PPC marketing is one of the best and most effective ways of online advertising and generating traffic into your business site. Your ads that are posted into the sponsored ads in a highly strategic position in pages of popular sites will get exposure to many internet users. They are easily noticed and are likely to be clicked on. Each time the internet user will click on the ad, the user is redirected into your site selling your product or service. This is how PPC marketing works and the PPC ads are like referrals.

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